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Tequila Extra Añejo 100% Blue Weber Agave

Tequila Extra Añejo 100% Blue Weber Agave

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Casazul Tequila Extra Añejo has been awarded a Silver at the prestigious 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Amber color with powerful body and copper shaded.

The first impression reminds us of enhanced vanilla flavors, layered with caramel, maple, and light oak aromas. Herbal tones are very subtle with hints of lemon and spices.

Sweetly seductive with lingering rich vanilla impression, a hint of maple, subtle warm oak notes roasted agave. Can only be described as exquisite. Mature, elegant and balanced.

Exceptionally smooth, its rich aromas and sophisticated flavors make this one-of-a kind.

Jalisco, Mexico

Up to three years in American White Oak Barrels
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